Stop common oil drain plate leaks dead in their tracks with the aid of AMS 3304 silicone seals from Wolfsburg West. Unlike common cork or neoprene seals that crack and deform over time, these aerospace/mechanical grade silicone seals are 100% reusable and are guaranteed not to leak. One set of seals is all you need to protect your engine for its entire life. Includes two AMS 3304 silicone drain plate seals, 6 copper washers and 1 drain plug washer. Fits 40hp-1600 cc engines.


Compatible With 1200-1300-1600cc Engine Models


VWCC Part No: 6-6692   OEM Part No: 113198031SI

6-6692 (S-7247)
14.64 USD
Compatible With 1200-1300 and 1600CC Engines.
VWCC Part No: 6-6739  OEM Part No: 113198031   

6-6739 (S-7022)
2.15 USD
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