The Cutest Classic Car Ever


       Volkswagen Classic Club was founded in 1996 to provide Beetles to the Beetle lovers. In the beginning we were just bringing Beetles to the owners, later on we started to do repairs, maintenances and paintjobs to all VW cars. That way we united different jobs to create VW concept garage.

       From spare parts to daily maintenance we provide ANY service that a Volkswagen could ever need. We import spare parts and accessories from all quarters. So you can find any part or special accessory in our garage too. VW Classic Club has proven itself with body works, paintjobs, furnishing interiors and ,electronical and mechanical restorations. We are the one and only company in Turkey that do these work gladly and professionally.

       The passion and love of the Beetles haul us away to feel their souls and solve their chemistry. We aspired to bring these lovely endangered creatures to life. We have a huge respect to Volkswagen and we envy its perfection considering the technology back then. No other car in the world has consubstantiated cuteness and brilliance this much.

       Instead of winking at them getting wasted by the ones who dont have a way with them, to provide continuacy of them and to prevent them going extinct, we provide every part and equipment that would keep the Beetles alive. We can restore them to their initial roll out state.

       According to the customers desire we restore the cars to the most original state. The vehicles which have been restored meticulously by the experts in our garage, are delivered seamlessly to the customers. Being a Volkswagen owner also means that you have an impeccable taste. While you cant get out of the standards in modern cars, you can decide every single detail for your Beetle from the colors of your upholsteries to the accessories. So when the restoration is finished, your car would be unique.

       VW Classic Club is a special garage that can restore a rust bucket wreckage to the factory new state, back to its roots. If you have any dreams like this, do not hesitate for coming to our garage.

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