Radio switch in chrome. Supplied in pairs. Quality: Very Good

Compatible with 1952-1967 Beetle

Compatible with 1100-1200 Type Beetle

Compatible with T1 Bus

Compatible with Karmann Ghia


VWC Part No: 4108  OEM Part No: 1145360

4-4108 (S-7109)
33.79 USD

Compatible with Beetle models between 1955-1967 

Compatible with 1100-1200 type Beetle models

Compatible with T1 models betweem 1960-1967  




VWCC No :4-4228  OEM No : 111857233

4-4228 (S-7018)
64.32 USD

BEETLE DASHBOARD REPAIR SECTION A perfect fix for a butchered Beetle dashboard! Fix your 1958-1977 Beetle dash the proper way with a newly fabricated dash section.

This new dash section has the identical size radio opening, and includes new tabs in the event a radio block off plate is desired.


Compatible With Beetle Models Between 1958-1977

Compatible With 1100-1200-1300 Type Beetle Models


VWCC Part No : 4-4508 OEM Part No : 111857001A

54.92 USD

RADIO BLOCK OFF PLATE, 1958-1967 Bug, without chrome strip and clips


Compatible With Beetle Models Between 1958-1967

Compatible With 1100-1200 Beetle Models


VWCC Part No : 4-4509 OEM Part No : 111857233A

48.81 USD

Compatible With Beetle Models Between 1955-1979

Compatible With 1100-1200-1300-1302-1303 Type Beetle Models

Compatible With T1 Models Between 1950-1967

Compatible With T2 A and T2 B Models Between 1968-1979

Compatible With Karmann Ghia Models Between 1950-1979

Compatible With Variant Models Between 1962-1974


VWCC Part No : 4-4776 OEM Part No : 133941544

4-4776 (S-7312)
15.25 USD

Compatible With Beetle Models Between 1955-1967

Compatible With 1100-1200 Models


VWCC Part No : 4-4793 OEM Part No : -

4-4793 (S-7313)
13.22 USD
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