Compatible with 1600cc Engines

VW Part No: 6-6069   OEM Part No: 311198069B   Empi : 98-1969-B  


295.64 USD

Compatible with VW Beetle models between 1965-1975
Compatible with Vw Beetle 1300-1302-1303 models

Compatible with 1300cc Engines

VWCC Part No: 6-6634   OEM Part No: 111198057B  

mahle ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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Compatible with 1600cc Engines
VWC Part No: 6-6672   OEM Part No: 311198069B    

231.61 USD
Compatible with 1600cc Engines
Compatible with VW Beetle Models Between 1968 - 1979
Compatible with  1302 - 1303 Beetle Models
Compatible with Karmann Ghia ve Variant
Compatible with T2 Buses

Cylinder Radius: 85.50mm

Size: 2mm - 2mm - 5mm


VWC Part No: 6-6449 OEM Part No: 311198169A / P1259 / 98-1169-B  

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48.38 USD
Compatible with 1600cc Engines
VWCC Part No: 6-6623  OEM Part No: 311198069/FR
284.89 USD

Compatible with all 1600 Engines

Piston Diameter is 87mm and Increases the Volume of Your Engine to 1641cc.


VWCC Part No : 6-6020   OEM Part No : AC198870   


419.27 USD


Compatible with 1955-1964 Beetle
Compatible with 1100-1200 Models
VWCC Part No: 6-6566 OEM Part No: 111198057


462.28 USD
Standard replacement 85.50mm barrel and piston kit. The kit includes 4 barrels, 4 cast pistons and a complete piston ring set with gudgeon pins and retainers. 
Compatible With All Models Between 1965-1979
Compatible With  Beetle - T1 and T2 Bus - Karmann Ghia - Type 3 Models

Comptible With Only 1600cc Engine

VWCC Part No : 6-6357  OEM Part No : 311198069F

370.90 USD

Compatible With Beetle Models Between 1965-1979

Compatible With 1200-1300-1302-1303 Type Beetle Models

Compatible With T2 Models between 1968-1979

Compatible with T2 A and T2 B models


Note: It is suitable for use in 1.3 and 1.6 blocks by expanding the piston diameter in the block.

If used with your standard 69mm Crank, the volume of your engine corresponds to an average of 1.8 cc.


VWCC Part No : 6-6008   OEM Part No : AC198900   

677.29 USD

Standard cylinder baffle plate

Compatible with VW Beetle Models Between 1955-1979

Compatible with 1100-1200-1300-1302-1303 Beetle Models

Compatible with T2 Split Models Between 1960-1967

Compatible with T2 Bay Models Between 1968-1979

Compatible with T2 A and T2 B Types

Compatible with Karmann Ghia Models Between 1950-1979

Compatible with Type 3 Models Between 1962-1974


VWCC Part No: 5-5297 OEM Part No: 311119317A   

2.17 USD
90.5 mm piston pin button set, 8 pieces. Fits Mahle and AA pistons
VWC Part No: 6-6685  OEM Part No: 00-4073-0    

27.20 USD
Compatible with 1600cc Engines 
VWC Part No: 6-6603  OEM Part No: 311198169A  
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38.70 USD
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Compatible With 1600cc Engines
Compatible With Beetle Models Between1968-1979 
1300-1302-1303 Kaplumbağa Modelleri ile Uyumludur
Compatible With Karmann Ghia Models Between 1970-1974
Compatible With Type 3 Models Between 1968-1973
Compatible With T2 Minibus Models Between 1968-1979
VWC Part No: 6-6421  OEM Part No: 311198169A  

Kolbenschmidt ile ilgili görsel sonucu

37.62 USD
Out of stock
Compatible With Beetle Models Between 1960-197
Compatible With 1300-1302-1303 Type Beetle Models
Compatible With T2 Split and Bay Models Between 1950-1979
Compatible With Karmann Ghia Models Between 1960-1974
Compatible With Variant Models Between 1962-1972
 VWCC Parça No : 6-6558  OEM Parça No : AC198870R
349.39 USD
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