Compatible With T2 Split Models Between 1950-1967

Compatible With T2 Bay Models Between 1968-1979

36.50 USD Vat included

Compatible With T1 Models Between 1964-1967

High Quality


Supplied As Set With 13 Pieces

746.18 USD Vat included

A flush fitting European standard 230 volt 16 amp 3-pin inlet. Used as an mains inlet point on caravans and motorhomes. Splash proof. White. Box is retangular with a pull out angled plug.

Fit to any flat panel. Requires an apperture to be cut into panel.


Top Quality


Compatible with T1 Split 1950 - 1967

Compatible with T2 Bay 1968 - 1979




37.79 USD Vat included
Out of stock

Compatible with models between 1952 - 1979

Compatible with 1100-1200-1300-1302-1303-T2 Split Models

42.56 USD Vat included
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